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19yrs old
Tags (below): audio, language, ebooks, islam.

used to be yorubadiaspore and ilyasafrika before that.
— Vote for Delany in the Mary Mary Singing Spotlight

My friend and former classmate Delany has entered a singing contest that Mary Mary is hosting. He’s ridiculously talented and I really think that he deserves to win! He excels in any genre that you throw at him. His skill is rooted in gospel but being in Chambers Choir with him during our high school years showed me that he is just as good when performing music from the Baroque and Romance periods. You can vote once per day up until February 4th at Noon (EST). One only has to be in the Top 10 to advanced to the final round. From there Mary Mary will pick the Grand Prize Winner. He’s currently in 19th place with a total of 231 votes but I know he can advance much further! Please help me to tumblr bomb, signal boost etc this! I would really appreciate it!